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Sangthi Valley

Sangthi valley, can be also termed as the valley in heaven, is situated 10 kilometers away from Norphel. The location is beyond description. Surrounded by the Eastern Himalayan ranges, the valley is blessed with pleasant weather round the year and covered with fruit orchards, pristine forests and hill rivers. It is also famous for its paddy fields which mainly cultivates red rice. Sangthi valley is one of the seasonal homes of the majestic creature called the black-necked cranes that flies across from Siberia, right into its laps. These birds, locally termed as thung thung karmu by the people, migrate in the valley during November and December, and set back to their homes during the months of April and May. The place, along with its mesmerizing beauty, is rich in culture, tradition and civilization. Sangthi valley is an ideal place for tracking, cycling, and rafting.